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Posted by: Dolly Flat Studio | On: August 6, 2018 | In:

‘Fired Earth and Canapes’ with Hampden  Deli and Dining School

Nick is a brilliant young chef with a serious commitment to quality, local produce and the handmade. Originally from Forster, Nick won the Sydney Morning Herald Young Chef of the Year Award in 2013 and has worked at Quay, Tetsuya’s, French Laundry and a number of Michelin starred restaurants around Europe. Nick and his wife, Stevie opened the Hampden Deli Dining and School in Kangaroo Valley early this year. Nick has always preferred the use of handmade, artisan objects for food presentation and the dining experience. Nick and Stevie, together with Dollys Flat Studio, have designed a dining event entitled “Fired Earth and Canapes”, to be held in early August. At a more local level, I would love to engage with foodies and producers for a unique handmade object and dining collaboration … local produce, local clays, local makers.